2020 Update: In order to make this site mobile compatible, I have temporarily taken down some of the pages related to my Noland family. Temporarily, some pages will be available in the new format and some will not be available at all. I hope to get all the pages back online very quickly in a format compatible with the rest of this website as it is now.

Of all the families from which I am descended, the Nolands are the best documented. My Noland ancestors are from the Pierce Noland line. Pierce is believed to have come to what is now the United States in 1675. His grandson, Daniel, married Henrietta Smallwood. The Smallwood family was prominent in early Maryland. The Nolands spread out across the country, but my ancestors came to Jackson County, Missouri, in the 1820s.

I have divided the information I have about the Nolands into four sections. On this page I begin the information about the later Nolands beginning with my Noland grandfather. Information about the earlier Nolands can be obtained by clicking the link above or below. I, also, have a number of stories about the Nolands and am providing information about the source of my information. That information can be obtained clicking the appropriate link above.


The tree below comprises six generations beginning with my grandfather, Frank Noland. It does not take you back the additional generations to Pierce Noland. To do so would add additional width to the chart and, and more importantly, James, Ledstone and Jesse were brothers. The ancestry of each of them is identical and to include those charts behind each of their names would add redundant information and unnecessarily add length to the chart. You can see the tree of the earliest Nolands by clicking here.

To learn more about the persons below, just click on their name. I do not have information about all of them, but clicking the name will link you to what I do have. Please note that although James, Ledstone and Jesse were brothers, differences in their ages and times at which they fathered my ancestors, cause them to fall at different levels in the chart. Thus, Ledstone and Jesse are my great5 grandfathers, but James is my great4 grandfather. Also, Daniel Nowland and Henrietta Smallwood, parents of James, Ledstone and Jesse, appear in this chart and will also appear in the chart of older generations noted above.