Greg at Chiefs Rally


On February 2, 2020, the Kansas City Chiefs finally won another Super Bowl. I have attended Chiefs games regularly since they won the last one in 1970. That's fifty long years. At least my relatives do not need to visit my grave to give me the news. The rally on the Wednesday following the win was a blast and here I am before it started.

2020 Update: I have finally gotten this website updated so that it is compatible with mobile devices. Much work still needs to be done to update the information on the site, however. Thanks for your patience.

2018 Update: A number of changes have occurred since I last updated this web site. First, it has been a number of years since my brother died, so I have decided to move the small memorial that I had on the homepage to a page in the genealogy section. My little dog Zeppelin died in 2006, so that information needs to be amended. Also, the little kitten Barney shown on the homepage has died, so that information needs to be updated. His sister, LaCoal, still lives and their mother has had a number of additional kittens who are at least 12 years old as of this update. A number of other pages need to be updated with new or recently discovered information, particularly in the genealogy section. All of the animals in my "Kids" section are deceased.

My favorite activity is working outside. I have bee hives and an acre of white dutch clover and other flowers for them. I try to plant as many native plants as possible. Native plants require less work and most tend to be more drought and deer tolerant than non-natives. I try to maintain plants friendly to monarch butterflies as well.

Another major project involves my house as it has fallen into severe disrepair. I am planning to replace it with a new structure that will be ecologically friendly and off-grid as much as possible. Also, there are a number of places where ponds can be built to supply water for plants and other needs around the property.

If all those things are not enough work to occupy me, I am very active at KKFI-FM, 90.1, in Kansas City, MO. We are a community radio station staffed almost entirely by volunteers. And in support of independent media, I am active in a group called Friends of Community Media.

I am an atheistic humanist and continue to be active in free thought activities, maintaining a web site that links to all the free thought groups in the Kansas City area. I, also, organize a couple of small free thought groups.

Deer in the Winter


Deer are a rather constant visitor at my place since I live next to park land. I think they are rather awesome creatures and love having them around. I do have to take them into account when selecting and placing plants, but it is cool to live in harmony with them.